• We welcome these Sponsors and Summit Industry Supporters to the Madrid Summit.

    National Partner

    Acceso is the leading media analysis and monitoring company in Spain. The company monitors the most relevant information in all media (press, radio TV, Online and Social Media), measures impact and trends, and gives you insights to help you make better decisions. Acceso offers coverage, customization, quality and solutions in media monitoring, media analysis and technology tools in order to increase the effectiveness of your corporate communication, PR and marketing strategies. Our approach is to customize our media evaluation in order to connect it to your specific business objectives.

    Acceso360 is the online customized platform integrating all services to allow you better understand your results in real time and improve your productivity in the management of your communications. In 2012, Acceso celebrated its 25th Anniversary giving service to more than seven hundred clients daily, including twenty six of the thirty five Ibex greatest companies and main central, regional and local Public Administrations.

    Acceso participates in the cutting-edge innovation projects in the development of Social Media analysis (www.cenitsocialmedia.es) and offers its clients state of the art products to help you identify and understand the key relevant content in the information overload era.

    Sergi Guillot, CEO
    Tel: +34 934 920 000
    Email: sguillot@acceso.com

    Summit Sponsors

    Braun Research was founded in 1995, employs 50 full time and over 700 part time employees engaged in data collection via telephone, and internet for various survey research firms, government and advertising agencies, foundations, universities and academic entities as well as religious organizations. In over eighteen years in business, we have conducted 8,000 research projects by telephone, internet and mail worldwide.

    Braun Research operates telephone call centers in the United States and Canada. We also operate our network of vetted operators throughout Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia and Australia. Among the internationally-known firms that have hired Braun Research Include the Gallup Organization, the Pew Research Center, IBM, Dow Chemical, Samsung and Ketchum Public Relations. Braun Research has worked for the US Department of Treasury and Defence. Braun Research also work for multiple universities including Princeton University.

    Braun Research is known for developing sampling strategies that pinpoint efficient efforts in representative polling and research. Our interviewing for custom survey data collection include residential studies, health care (physician, specialist and nursing) as well as high level business surveys, and elected officials and their staffs.

    Paul Braun or Dave Oshman, VP of Client Relations
    Tel: +1 609-279-1600

    Digital Nirvana
    Silver Industry Partner Sponsor

    Founded in 1996, Digital Nirvana provides knowledge management solutions for an increasingly media-centric world. Our solutions enable large volumes of data to be automatically acquired, compiled, and organized for analysis, troubleshooting, and decision-making for media monitoring companies globally.

    Our services portfolio includes Media Analysis & Coding, Monitoring, Clipping, & Indexing, Report Generation, Broadcast Logging or Summary Alerts, Transcription, and Media Content Management for Print, Online, and Broadcast media.

    Our product portfolio includes Monitor IQ broadcast monitoring system, MediaPro content repurposing system, and repeat audio detection systems (RADS) for song tracking and ad tracking. Other services include market intelligence and analytics, learning management, and professional services.

    For more information, please visit www.digital-nirvana.com.

    Faheem M
    Manager of Business Development
    Tel: +1 510 226 9000 Ext: 724
    Email: faheem@digital-nirvana.com

    Gorkana Group
    Education Sponsor

    Gorkana will film the three days of the Summit and then share the presentations on AMEC’s Knowledge Share website.

    Whether building and managing your brands reputation or driving bottom line growth through earned media, Gorkana supply the tools and expertise you need to ensure that all your communication activities are a success. Easily accessible through one integrated portal and through our unique smartphone and tablet app, Gorkana provides the UK’s most recommended Media Database, Multi- channel Media Monitoring and PR Analysis services.

    Everyday over 35,000 communication professionals use our global services to help them plan campaigns more accurately, develop closer relationships with journalists, keep track of mainstream and social media coverage, manage brand reputations and demonstrate the impact of their communication strategies. Gorkana Group also runs the U.K.’s leading journalist and PR recruitment site and provides daily media and PR industry news through its Media Alerts and PR News services.

    Name: Alex Bates
    Tel: +44 (0)20 7074 2489
    Email: alex.bates@gorkana.com

    Kantar Media

    Kantar Media │ News Intelligence is the most comprehensive specialist for media reputation and PR evaluation providing a standard quantitative and qualitative analysis platform across markets with unique access to the world’s richest research data, from monitoring through media insights to awareness and attitude tracking.

    The wider Kantar Media group provides strategic advice and competitive intelligence to the world’s leading brands, publishers, agencies and industry bodies, helping them navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. This includes analysis of paid media opportunities; counsel on brand reputation, and consumer engagement through owned media; and the evaluation of media reputation and consumers’ reactions in earned media. Kantar Media provides clients with a broad range of insights from audience research, competitive intelligence, consumer behaviour and digital insights, to marketing effectiveness and online influence. Our experts currently work with 22,000 companies tracking 3 million brands in 50 countries.

    François Nicolon, Chief Marketing Officer
    Kantar Media │ News Intelligence
    Tel: +33 1 47 67 15 24
    Email: francois.nicolon@kantarmedia.com

    Moreover Technologies

    Founded in 1998, Moreover Technologies is an industry-leading content delivery service that tracks and organizes global business news and media coverage. Moreover gives companies a customizable delivery channel for enterprise-wide media access, turning global media coverage into actionable media intelligence through powerful media monitoring and news distribution tools. Organizations have access to millions of new articles a day for a 360 view of the media landscape, in any industry, language or region, and across open and licensed content, news and social media, print and broadcast. Moreover’s Newsdesk service scooped several industry awards including Dual Codie Awards 2011, Stevie Business Award 2011, and Digital Impact Award 2011. Leading international media evaluation agencies rely on Moreover’s unique, near real-time news index for in-depth coverage and quality data. Worldwide, Moreover Technologies clients include Shell Oil, BP, Citigroup, Siemens, Reuters UK, Hill & Knowlton, BBC, Kingfisher, Simon & Schuster, Grant Thornton, Allen & Overy.

    Mark Denn, Managing Director EMEA
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7253 5003

    Summit Dinner and Headline AMEC Awards 2013 Sponsor

    Ninestars is a leading technology and service provider
    Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd. provides IP-driven digital content solutions to clients worldwide. We have over a decade’s experience in the digital content industry and understand the market needs, technology trends and changing user behavior. We offer a complete portfolio of media monitoring products and services ranging from digital clipping services, media analysis, monitoring software to cross-platform mobile apps.

    Clip360, our service platform, converts source content into tagged digital clips, allowing you to repurpose the content into customer-specified collections. The workflow is customizable, scalable and trackable with a live dashboard. The fact that we have so far delivered 100 million print clips to customers across the world, and 10 million on a cloud infrastructure, provides a glimpse into the robust technology and processes we have deployed at our delivery centers in India. Our team is diverse, experienced and trained on quality standards.

    Some of the customers we have worked with include ANP, Cision, EDD, Infomedia, Infopaq , Kantar Media, Knipsel Info Service, Media Monitors Australia, MediaPact, Milbris, Newspaper Licensing Agency, NewsBank and Precise.

    More information at www.ninestars.in

    Michelle Harold, VP – Global Sales
    Tel: +34 91 127 8510
    Mob: +34 638 52 15 75
    Email: michelle@ninestars.in

    Founded in 2009, Trendiction specializes in social media data and online monitoring tools for the media monitoring industry.

    Focusing on Big Data crawling, analysis, aggregation and management, Trendiction’s data sources include online news, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other networks.

    As a result, the Trendiction search index covers 150 million sources covering a total of 187 languages and 247 countries and ranks amongst the most complete in Europe and beyond.

    Today, Trendiction works with the leading media monitoring companies, with international network agencies, business intelligence companies and market researchers throughout the world.

    Those customers rely on the data, analysis and curation tools of Trendiction to provide media monitoring, brand monitoring and analysis services to their clients. They outsource the technologically complex online data collection and automated analysis processes to Trendiction and focus on the value-added aggregation, curation and analysis services.

    Trendiction is a fast growing European company based in Luxembourg.

    Tel: +352 20 33 35 32 00
    Email: cfolschette@trendiction.com

    National Supporter


    Dircom is a professional association grouping more than 800 communication managers from the most important Spanish companies and institutions, as well as the top managers of communication consultancies. Its vision is to enhance the role played by communication and its managers within companies, so that they gain acknowledgement as a department crucial to the organization’s activities and development. It was founded in 1992 at the initiative of a group of distinguished communication professionals from the public and private sectors, motivated by the growing importance and relevance of the communication manager, both professionally and in society as a whole.

    María Urreiztieta, Head of Communication
    Tel: + 34 (0) 91 702 13 77
    Email: maria.urreiztieta@dircom.org

    Summit Industry Supporters

    FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse) is the world’s largest association for media intelligence and communications insight. Founded in 1953 in Paris, the current membership holds close to 90 members in 44 countries. FIBEP provides customers in all business, governmental and non-governmental sectors with tailor-made media monitoring and analysis of digital and non-digital media, that are critical to good decision making and optimal business performance.

    Joachim von Beust, General Secretary
    FIBEP Brussels
    Tel: +32 2 549 08 90
    Email: joachim.vonbeust@euroargus.be

    Global Alliance logo

    The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (www.globalalliancepr.org), is the confederation of the world’s major public relations and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners and academics around the world. The Global Alliance’s mission is to unify the public relations profession, raise professional standards all over the world, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for public relations in the public interest.

    Daniel Tisch, GA Chair
    Tel: +41 58 666 47 72 (GA Executive Center)
    Email: DTisch@argylecommunications.com


     The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) is the voice of public relations consultancies around the world. The ICCO membership comprises national trade associations in 28 countries across the globe in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Collectively, these associations represent some 1,500 PR firms.

    Anastasia Demidova MPRCA, ICCO General Manager
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7233 6026
    Email: anastasia.demidova@prca.org.uk


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